Gym Leg/Glute Day.

Disclaimer: I am NO expert on working out, fitness, or physical training. These are just my opinions and my workouts. I’m simply posting for entertainment.

Leg day is a love and hate type of thing. I love the strength I gain, but I hate the penguin walk that follows 2 to 3 days post workout. It’s just one of those things you gotta do! The great news is that there are so many options for leg exercises that you will never get bored. If you can’t make it to the gym, home workouts or a bike ride are always available.

Below is an overview of the leg and glute workout I will be performing at the gym today. Stay tuned for at home-workouts and more in the future.


Warm up – treadmill & stretch – 10 minutes
Standing Calf Raises 3 sets 15 reps

 standing calf raise

Deadlifts 3 sets 6 reps

Squat (not weighted) 2 sets 20 reps

leg press 3 sets 6 reps

leg press
Bulgarian Split Squat (each leg) 2 sets 8 reps

Leg curl 3 sets 8 reps

leg curl
Good Mornings 3 sets 10 reps

good mornings
Leg extension 3 sets 8 reps

leg extension

The lower reps should be with a heavy weight. Reps higher than 10 should be a medium to heavy weight. You can decide for yourself what heavy is.

Remember to focus on form. I don’t think there is anything worse than sloppy form. Take is slow and make sure you are doing it RIGHT! If you aren’t sure… ask a trainer. Also, at the end of your workouts…STRETCH. It might hurt, but will feel so good afterwards.

Have a good workout!