2014-11-13 16.25.34

Hey there! I’m Jane and I love to make food. Cooking, baking, creATEing…a little bit of everything. I am also a lover of coffee, cleaning, working out, wine, and painting… In that order.

This is my food blog where I will be sharing sweet and savory, delicious, tried-and-true recipes as well as local eateries with my reviews. They will range from super-green healthy to go-check-your-blood-sugar sweet. My passion for food really comes out when I’m in the kitchen. That’s where I feel alive and thrilled to be creATEing mouth-watering goodies to eat. Everyone has a hobby to keep them sane, and this is mine.  I will try to post as often as possible, promise!

Thanks for visiting, and keep checking in for new recipes and other goodies. Please feel free to comment on the posts shared with any thoughts or tips you might have. You may contact me with any suggestions for any food you would like to see made!

Stay creATEive.

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